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Research in Networked Multimedia Information Services

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Contact Person/s: Dr. Richard Larson

Research in Networked Multimedia Information Services ()

This award supports a two-year project to conduct research on the development of infrastructure, programs, standards and policies relating to networked multimedia information services using the Internet. The participants are MIT, Dartmouth College and Medical School, and Carnegie Mellon.  A network services operations center using existing broadcast-quality production and editing facilities is being created at MIT. Multimedia servers are located in this center for the storage and delivery on demand of a wide variety of multimedia programming and services to the desktops of engineers, scientists, health care professionals, managers and students. Industry is providing the servers and related equipment. MIT is developing the programs and leading the effort. Dartmouth is providing medical and health care services. MIT and Carnegie Mellon are researching standards and policy issues. Turner Broadcasting is making available the CNN daily Newsroom program for use on the network. Additional contributions

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