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Research in Networked Multimedia Information Services-Duet Server Deployment Additions

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  • Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)
Contact Person/s: Dr. Shaoul Ezekiel

Research in Networked Multimedia Information Services-Duet Server Deployment Additions ()

This project was requested and funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). NSF is handling the award because of its interest in this and related projects, some joint-funded with ARPA. The award supports a 13 month project to deploy a 300 gigabyte, network attached, modem accessible super server to a DOD/ARPA specified military installation; loading CD-RO, based programs onto the server; and conducting research on the technologies and economics of dial-up, low bandwidth local access to it and other digital libraries. Four PC/workstations with modems are being supplied to field test sites, and eight rack-mounted modems are being installed at the server site. The services are being provided over ISDN lines. DUET in the title stands for Dual Use Education and Training, referring to military and civilian education applications. Most of the effort is being performed under a subcontract from MIT to Dartmouth College and Medical School.

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