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human nature, and now the relationship is reversed

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    human nature, and now the relationship is reversed ()

    her life incomplete feeling is all too common among modern Chinese women. We really ought to condemn this society - it makes the life of a single woman be so heartless derogatory:

    how, you still single? Pick. You self-centered, immature; you alone and desperate, pathetic. Your work is bad? Can work no matter how good it will not love you. You still have a sex life? Fake rolex What a slut! No sex life? Has not come down! Put into your work? That just fill you end marriage emptiness. Are you happy? You think you're happy. No husband, how do you know Replica rolex what is true happiness! The future when you die around no personal

    even if your life is full of brilliant achievements, full of love and passion, and she still will not save you. Society is to look at your definition of you belongs to whom. If you're really successful, you will become a target. Do not think this is just Red bottom shoes a problem.


    she answered quickly: She twice married and twice divorced. But she said she had a daughter, and daughter,

    This is not the answer he wanted. He continued to ask: have not.

    Koppel is a seasoned interviewer. But he can not make Barbara Walters to give in, for example, streaming with tears of remorse to admit that he did replica watches not take good care of her husband, should not be single-minded pursuit of the interview the world's most powerful leaders.



    can be if you married, you immediately have legal status, can feel at ease to join the Replica watches Club of successful people, unfortunately, ladies, I to crack down on you. Are you married, the public you the detailed investigation of the contents of your husband care enough.

    there is a Barbara - from wedding gowns my home in Maryland Senator Barbara 姣斿崱灏旀柉鍩?. In 1987, the Replica watches year I graduated from high school, her first elected to the Senate. Now she has that majestic place Cheap wedding dresses the longest-serving women. It is the world's the only man Domination Club. Barbara say this: say that you did Cheap prom Dresses under 100 not find a man. , a woman judge of bias is so deep-rooted and overwhelming contributions to the family.

    even when women have received education, these ideas are still continue to guide us to fulfill the role that had Professionally successful women have less access to positive social evaluation, the evaluation often insinuated to discuss our longer enough beautiful mother and wife do enough good.

    femininity is not a simple personality traits. In order to please others will seriously damage our own lives to grasp for the only goal. China grow old, we can not control our face, we can not control those people closely related to us - her husband will be distracted, children grow up and leave home.

    now we can understand the self-confidence of young women is how much impact: in school for many years, training a lot of ability, all of a sudden, their identity is no longer controlled by their own. The community will have their dreams torn to pieces, they are the most important spiritual pillar of this can be pumped out.

    not difficult to understand, there is a direct link between a person of life, autonomy and sense of accomplishment. Both men and women, each of us, we have ability and mastery of life can be transformed into dynamic, optimistic and self-confidence; lack of sense of control will lead to frustration and helplessness. If we think that the control can not live, then you can not stop this prophecy is unfortunately true.

    the young women out of school, all of a sudden no longer because of the achievements by the praise, encouragement and affirmation, which naturally led to their lost. Today, our society is no longer cruel female feet tied in the house, we will take some time for his own soul relaxed, real fly to the outside world to make some achievements.

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    by Yan: the modern fast-paced life far beyond our imagination and thinking change, life has been forward thinking also stop at a certain stage of memory is often with Not on this change. Life change too fast, land, air, forests, water resources are fast disappearing, has become the city people to see, very rare, valuable things like gold. In fact, these are the survival of mankind, living in the most urgently needed items. We can not afford to buy gold, but Cheap Christian louboutin shoes never able to save the gold in memory. With the parents, The sixties and seventies and even eighties and nineties, the children know that their own parents, grandfather, grandmother, so survival of life. From this point, these two books may Replica watches be the traditional elegy of life, our day-to-day memory is most precious, the most simple memorial.


    by Yan: First of all, must admit this book on Thoreau's So familiar as a living in the rural lovers of literature, of nature and love, naturally very eager to write a book part of; or simply write an only nature, there is no human ecology literature. Human beings are part of nature, not that is a part of Red Bottoms human nature, and now the relationship is reversed, people-oriented, when nature is a part of us, every little desire to say this is reasonable, while the nature any phenomenon is not understood, I hope we can take this view upside down.


    by Yan: Write novels of Fake rolex watches the early life and fiction are closely related. , Whether they have any feelings in the opinion of the reader, my novel and living very far away, we would say that my novel is absurd, ridiculous, everybody as a very strange writer. Full of imagination or does not meet the real life, Ye Hao, everyone said I was all kinds of 'I found what doctrine in their own Rolex replica lives is not.

    finished a series of unimaginable fiction, I have to adjust their writing ideas, leave a blank for the replica Christian louboutin shoes next narrative fiction, wrote this little book. The time of writing this book, I have been moved to tears.

    people in their lives, like the lack of exchanges between the nature, lack of emotional exchange between people, all Replica Watch the one-child did not seriously understand and parents, grandparents feelings. Eight thousand and ninety children suddenly found the warmth of their families from the book, reflect on their own how to elders, resulting in Christian louboutin a lot of guilt. So I always say this is an emotional reincarnation.


    by Yan: this generation of writers, do not say others, for Rolex replicas me, the most need to be vigilant, that is, farther and farther away from the village. I'm 53 fake rolex datejust years old, had to admit that happened today local farther and farther away, in any case, contact with friends, daily life is not rural that all villages in writing today, more memory in the countryside, instead of our reality through the countryside, this has been I want to be wary of.

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