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CRC Smart Services: Common Business and Service Frameworks

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CRC Smart Services: Common Business and Service Frameworks ()

This is one of 11 projects as part of the new CRC Smart Services. Service industry organisations embracing electronic services need guidelines to help them to turn existing and strategically aligned organisational processes into systems of services, to partner with other service providers to develop an integrated supply-chain of service provision, and to innovate and adapt services to offer new capabilities meeting demand and increasing organizational competitiveness. This project is aimed at offering models, methodologies and tools to assist organisations to structure their approach to the delivery of services and the development of the back-end business processes to support them, including feedback assisting the determination of value and utility.  This project is based on the concept that an organisation can be considered as a connected “soup” of services and addresses concerns such as: How do we model our organisation in terms of services? How do we figure out what services we should expose? How do we turn business processes into services? How do we integrate our strategies, business process and services in our modelling? How do we translate high-level business objectives into performance metrics and service-level objectives? How do we identify those business processes that benefit most from a service-oriented approach? How do we prioritise investments into new and existing services?  Systems of services are highly contextual in their interactions. This project also investigates how context-sensitivity can be incorporated into models of systems of services and how it can be reflected adequately in technology solutions to ensure agility and flexibility.


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