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A Cloud-based Resource and Service Sharing Platform for Computer and Network Security Education

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    Contact Person/s: Dr. Dijiang Huang

    A Cloud-based Resource and Service Sharing Platform for Computer and Network Security Education (vLab)

    We propose to develop a computer and network security instructional laboratory (CNS-IL) to enhance undergraduate education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). CNS-IL is designed to be a cost-effective, scalable, user-friendly, flexible, and remotely accessible virtual laboratory offering significant enhancements to undergraduate education in information assurance. The proposed CNS-IL utilizes highly advanced Cloud computing and Web 2.0 principles to build a computer network environment for easy experimentation of various computer and network security applications and attack scenarios. CNS-IL incorporates the infrastructure/platform/software-as-a-service Cloud computing concept. These concepts are based on virtualization and clustering technologies that will maximally utilize existing computing and network resources for large-scale computer and network security based experiments. In addition to its technical merits, CNS-IL accomplishes a broader goal by introducing a number of versatile hands-on projects through a virtualized environment for student learning. This approach in turn is expected to attract more students into college computer science and engineering programs, thereby addressing current problems in undergraduate recruitment and retention into STEM areas. The CNS-IL will be used in colleges, where students, particularly, undergraduates will work on fundamental security issues and technologies associated with computer and network technologies.


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