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BPM for Traumatology

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BPM for Traumatology ()

Traumatology is increasingly facing significant medical, economical and political demands. Modern health care systems have to fulfil quality management criteria set by governmental health plans to provide high standard and improvement of health care delivery. The involved medical and general staff have to perform the balance between quality requirements and available resources. They have to work according to instructions of medical guidelines, clinical pathways or Diagnosis Related Groups and are confronted with increasing technical sophistication without disposing of the necessary financial assets. The economical gap is intensified by insufficient and heterogeneous support systems and lack of information about underlying processes, leading to potentially improper use of expensive resources and non-appropriate management techniques. Hospital outcomes are evaluated and classified leading to competition, health insurances examine and compare the different services and patients dispose of different printed or virtual information means to get more self-confident on health care issues. If significant rectifications should be achieved, it is necessary to get an overview of all processes, of their allocated resources, participating organisations and final outcomes. Such an overall review would help to understand existing approaches, to interrogate established concepts, to re-arrange current practises and to improve processes by studying new ideas and innovations. This approach can be realised with support of Business Process Management which leads to a consistent and comprehensive identification and improvement of current processes. The aim of this project is to contribute to an increased transparency and ultimately an improvement of the business processes that constitute traumatology. It is proposed to use established process modeling techniques and tools in order to design an intuitive end-to-end reference model that facilitates the development of advanced practises.


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