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Network Information Services Manager(s) for NSFNET and the NREN

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Network Information Services Manager(s) for NSFNET and the NREN ()

To put information and tools at the Internet user's finger tips, the InterNIC information services will include a full-service Reference Desk, a database of comprehensive networking materials called the Info Source, training classes and documentation, and coordination services among all appropriate groups in the community. Several additional methods will be used to maintain  quality over the life of the project, such as reference desk   tracking procedures, reviews by the Liaison Council, and internal  quality scores. In keeping with the innovative spirit of the   Internet, several new approaches to distributing services will be implemented. Among these innovations is NICLink, a user-friendly hypermedia interface offering access to the Info Source and all the information it contains. NICLink will be distributed on both   standard computer diskettes and CD-ROM. Another is the concept of  the Info Scout, an individual who will scout out new resources and  innovative uses of the network for inclusion in the Info Source. Access methods to the Info Source will include services such as WAIS and X.500, and the InterNIC staff will add additional state-of-the-art access methods as they come into use by the   community. The project is one of three collaborative activities comprising the Network Information Services Management Project. To  create a single, seamless user interface to the three activities a  coordination plan will be implemented to make the InterNIC appear  to be one network information center--a single source to handle all user questions. The interface will be intuitive and easy to use, and users will be able to access the various services using a  simple unified procedure.

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