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Software for the Extraction, Management, Transmission and Sharing of Information; and Formal Methods in the Software Process

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    Contact Person/s: Prof. Mark Apperley

    Software for the Extraction, Management, Transmission and Sharing of Information; and Formal Methods in the Software Process ()

    This multi-faceted programme aims at:(i) Enhanced and more effective access, navigation and utilisation of the information space of the World-Wide Web on the Internet and on company intranets, and the support of collaboration in these activities.(ii) The fielded application of machine learning techniques in representative areas of the New Zealand economy, and a state-of-the-art machine learning workbench capable of supporting an appropriate process model for developing such applications.(iii) Improvements in the telecommunications infrastructure in New Zealand and interconnections to international networks, through modelling, measurement and simulation.(iv) An improvement of knowledge of requirements and specification in the New Zealand software development workforce, methodologies by which the reliable production of software can be better achieved, and a platform from which further enhancements in this area can be launched.Progress and successes towards these outcomes in all four areas have been achieved:(i) Software tools have been demonstrated and are being refined for the collaborative access and retrieval of data from diverse information spaces, and for the assembly from this data into shared documents.(ii) The WEKA workbench continues to be developed into a world-class machine learning software package with a significant number of users world-wide, and the development of fielded applications continues with the emergence of new data partners.(iii) Our work in modelling, measurement and simulation of high speed data traffic continues to attract international attention, and lead to improved services.(iv) The application of formal approaches to software specification and construction are showing the way to improved reliability – in particular the Z-lambda work has received widespread recognition.

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