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Research Instrumentation: Wireless Networks for Delivery of Multimedia Services

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    Projektansprechpartner: Dr. Athina Petropulu

    Research Instrumentation: Wireless Networks for Delivery of Multimedia Services (CISE)

    This research instrumentation enables research projects in:  - Channel Equalization / Multipath Mitigation  - Efficient Transmission Schemes for Low Bitrate Transport of Digital Video over Wireless Channels, and  - Interference Rejection in Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communications. To support the aforementioned projects, this award contributes to the purchase of equipment by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Drexel University for research in the area of delivery of multimedia services over wireless networks.  The facility to be implemented consists of one mobile base receiver station and three mobile transmitters.  Its goal is to create a realistic wireless communications environment by providing remote, multi-point signal transmission of various formats such as voice, video, and data, as well as providing for signal reception and analysis.  The proposed testbed will be used to evaluate spread-spectrum and mobile system models, as well as to implement and evaluate current algorithms developed by the PI's for wireless communications.  Examples of the areas under development are: Channel equalization/multipath mitigation, code development, rate allocation and service guarantees for spread spectrum systems, and interference rejection in direct sequence spread spectrum communications.  The research projects listed above involve two faculties from Drexel University and one faculty from Villanova University.  In addition to promoting research, the proposed facility will enhance the education and training of both graduate and undergraduate students.  Furthermore, it will initiate collaboration between both faculty and students of Drexel and Villanova Universities.

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