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Scalable Information Services on a Campus-wide Wireless Network

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    Projektansprechpartner: Dr. Singh Ambuj

    Scalable Information Services on a Campus-wide Wireless Network (Digital Campus)

    Researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara will implement a wireless-networked, distributed heterogeneous environment on campus and use it to conduct research in databases, networking, distributed systems, and multimedia.  The PIs will focus on large-scale systems in which data is the critical resource and system services are based on various data manipulation functions including data collection, movement/delivery, aggregation/processing, and presentation.  A significant part of the research will be conducted using a digital classroom, a remote classroom, and individual and team kiosks.  Services such as lecture on demand, virtual offices, and remote learning will be provided using this infrastructure.  Specific research issues that will be investigated include content-based access, personalized views, multi-dimensional indexing, smart end-to-end applications, joint source-network coding, scalable storage, reliable network service, information summarization, distributed collaboration, multimedia annotation, and interactivity.

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